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Trenchless Pipe Repair, No Dig Pipe Repair & Trenchless PipingOakland, MD & Morgantown, WV

Advanced Heating & Cooling applies progressive technology and cutting-edge equipment to accessing and reinforcing corroded areas of a pipeline for home and business owners in Morgantown, WV and Oakland, MD. Family owned and operated, we take pride in less invasive and more cost-effective solutions. We have improved upon conventional pipe repair to avoid extensive digging and damage.

Focusing on innovations in all areas of service, Advanced Heating & Cooling continues 23 years of dedication across Morgantown, Kingwood, Fairmont, Cheat Lake, Westover, Star City, and Brookhaven, WV. We’ve earned a reputation for refusing to quit until our customers are 100% Satisfied. Our team members are fully qualified and totally focused on higher standards of workmanship. Find out more about Perma-Liner Service to rehabilitate pipes ranging from 2″ – 48″ in diameter without excavation by calling us at (304) 598-9030.

Pipe Repair without Digging

We start by cleaning out the original pipe and follow up with a “pull-in-place” procedure. Rather than digging up existing pipes, the new pipe is inserted and pulled into place within the old pipe. In less than 48 hours, cracks and holes are effectively sealed. Old pipes become new again, without investing thousands of dollars into digging up floors, lawns or landscaping. Perma-Liner Services save you time, money, work and aggravation while providing outstanding results. Rest assured, Advanced Heating & Cooling finishes up with a full inspection to verify a successful outcome.

Trenchless Pipe Repair in Morgantown, WV | Trenchless Piping Oakland, MD

Trenchless Pipe RepairNo Dig Pipe RepairTrenchless PipingPerma-Liner ∴ Morgantown, WV ∴ Oakland, MD

Trenchless PipingNo Dig Pipe RepairTrenchless Pipe RepairPerma-Liner ∴ Morgantown, WV ∴ Oakland, MD