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With more than two decades of professional HVAC experience, Advanced Heating & Cooling recognizes and prioritizes the importance of duct system performance. We’ve seen that the majority of residential and commercial ductwork suffers from contaminant buildup. Dust, pollen, construction debris, mold growth, insects, webs and decomposing rodents are often concealed within the network of pipes, negatively impacting comfort, air quality and system efficiency. We encourage you to get in touch with us at (304) 598-9030 for effective duct cleaning in Morgantown, WV and Oakland, MD.

Issues with restricted airflow result in the heating/cooling system running longer, working harder and using more energy to reach the desired temperature. Hot and cold spots, an influx of airborne contaminants, unpleasant odors, higher monthly bills and greater chance of HVAC failure are just some of the consequences. As a family-owned business, Advanced Heating & Cooling is built on customer satisfaction, and our ductwork cleaning services are no exception.

Advanced Heating & Cooling is always the right choice for HVAC services across Morgantown, Kingwood, Fairmont, Cheat Lake, Westover, Star City, and Brookhaven, WV.

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