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Trenchless Pipe Repair & Trenchless Pipe ServiceBrookhaven, WV, Fairmont, WV, Cheat Lake, WV, Oakland, MD, Westover, WV & Morgantown, WV

There was a time when problems with the sewer line meant a big mess in the backyard. Conventional repair and replacement processes required lots of digging and resulted in damage to landscaping, patios, walkways and more. Fortunately, modern technology has delivered a much less invasive solution. Specializing in trenchless pipe repair, Advanced Heating & Cooling provides rewarding results without major disruption for homeowners across Morgantown, Kingwood, Fairmont, Cheat Lake, Westover, Star City, and Brookhaven, WV.

Take a look at the benefits of trenchless pipe repair:

  • Less disruption – A big advantage of trenchless pipe repair is modern machines that avoid the need to dig a large trench. Small holes are dug at the entrance and exit of the pipes to allow the installation of the liner. The repairs are completed without extensive damage to the yard.
  • Quicker turnaround – After the creation of two small holes, a combination of machines and sensors are used to detect obstacles such as pipes, foundations and tree roots. The pipes can be repaired in two or three days or less.
  • Lower cost – Less time and labor adds up to less expense for sewer repair service. Plus, results are achieved without damage, eliminating the effort and cost of cleanup and repairs to the yard.
  • Superior results – Trenchless pipe repairs use cured-in-place liners and seamless PVB piping, providing greater quality and longer lasting reliability. These pipes won’t succumb to corrosion or rust.
  • Minimized aggravation – There’s no damage to the neighbor’s property and no loud noise created by the trenchless repair process.
  • Cleaner water – Due to the installation of a new liner, any signs of bacteria, mold or dirt is eliminated. You can expect cleaner and healthier drinking water.

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